No Man's Sky Explore Trailer released

Hello Games has released a new trailer for No Man’s Sky via the PlayStation YouTube channel, the trailer is called EXPLORE and I think it tries to summarize how it would be to play as an explorer in the game, thus the name of the trailer.

I think it’s a good trailer that showcase the endless worlds you expect to see when playing No Man’s Sky as an explorer. Explorers would be able to travel further and deeper into the universe due to their explorer spaceship that can travel longer distances with its advanced hyperdrive. Hello Games might release even more trailer, one for each type of spaceship in the game (e.g. fighter, trader, etc).

I actually didn’t like the music, poses less mystery but the visuals are hypnotising, just beautiful to watch.

What do you guys think about the new trailer? More hyped or disappointed?


I’m sure that ther are going to be quite a few people who will spend hours trying to analyze every microsecond in thsi trailer. No doubt, looks really nice and shows the tremendous variety of objcets, planets and living being in the game. I really like the colors in the game, it’s beautiful to watch, hopefully also great to play. Some people on reddit say that many things have been improved, including the texture,s colors, navaigation ,etc. To be honest, I can’t see any difference, just diffrent places. It’s just too much for me to comprehend, too much information. Maybe I should watch this video in 4K :slight_smile: Oh, wait… no 4K only Full HD, bummer.

Vimvim, you are a genius you know that. I usually watch videos on YouTube in regular mode, not even in theater mode, but the moment I saw the Explore trailer in Full HD I was blown away. I paused the video and for the first time I felt how it would be playing the game and my heart start pumping. OMG, you guys need to make sure that you watch the trailer in Full HD and in full screen! Thank me later.

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Indeed, you can really comprehend why so many people want to play this game in virtual reality. It’s the perfect game for VR, but unfortunately no word about VR from Sean.

You know what’s funny, after the No Man’s Sky trailer played, there was the Headlander Story trailer. The game has visuals kind of similar to NMS and it just made me think how amazing if there were many NPCs for us to fight against and interact with, like in the trailer itself. There are only few NPCs in NMS and you can’t interact with the animals, not literally I mean. Just makes you wonder what if NMS a larger variety of characters that you can interact with.

It looks like a procedurally generated trailer to me, what do you guys think? :wink:

I am afraid of people convincing themselves that this is the best game in the world and putting months and even years into the game. The hype just washed away and sense of rationality in them. This is why secrecy and marketing are so dangerous and it’s a great example how easy it is to control the human mind and make people feel and think that the want something when the actually have very little knowledge what that thing is about. I’ll wait for the reviews. You don’t take my money so easily.

I’ve just found out why it took Hello Games so much time to release a new trailer, it took them months to find planets that will look great for the trailer :slight_smile:

Oh, and discovering animals in NMS is more exciting than discovering new Pokemons!

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I think the main problem with the game is marketing and telling the massage what this game is all about. I’ll tell you what I mean. Sean Murray shown many beautiful games and everything seem so simple, but in fact, most of the planets won’t have life, and a lot of resources, and the game will be actually much harder to play than what you see in the gameplay videos which are, most of them, tailered for showcasing the fun and beautiful aspects of the game. In reality, you find it hard to find resources and thriving planets and you’ll need to work hard to survive and become successfull in what class you want to be.


I see it a bit differently. I like the idea of being thrown into a new world that I know nothing about and I need to start exploring and learn its rules. I am really fascinated about that thought.

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I think I found a bug, but it’s a 5.3 milions light years away from the nearest space probe. A game of this site will have more than quintillion bugs :wink:

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I call this a game with unlimited pointless possibilities. It’s like visiting a new country. You get excited for a week but after that, you don’t even bother getting outside, it’s just become plain boring. People need to do some analogy to real-life experiences and less fantasize, then they realize what this game is all about.


Lol quintillion bugs. You know, the more people can’t understand the game, the better I feel that we are looking at an innovative game that no one actually played before. People try to compared NMS to otehr games, but the fact is that whatever you do, nothing gives you even the slightest idea how it would feel playing the game.

I think the game need a procedurally generate AI that interfaces with all of its surrounding. For example, if there is many fish far away from when an NPC spawn, he can ask you to go and get him some fish from a far away lake. IF there is war near the star, there might cause the AI system to create a recruiter to help fight against the other factions and gain special rewards. This help the player feels that he is not alone in the world, at least not with only a few pre-programmed NPCs. All you need is to just push the button, and each planet will have those NPCs scattered across the planets with procedurally generated interaction and missions. Probably the next evolution in procedurally generated world games.

The problem with this game is that it doesn’t allow you to explore its immense universe with friends. You know what I liked about Pokemon Go and what made this game so popular, the social aspect of it. The fact that you can share your findings, compare and trade (in a future update). It’s a social experience, and No Man’s Sky is not a social game unless you call sharing screenshots of your findings on Reddit social. Trust me, you don’t understand that now, but once you start playing with it, it will mean nothing to you if you can’t share your excitement with someone while in the game, not on Facebook ,Twitter or Reddit. You will want to show off that you find something cool, but without it, you will feel very lonely, and I would probably get depressed if I play this game alone more than a few hours. Just my thoughts.

Also, think about this, nothing in NMS is unique and something that you can be really proud of finding because every animal is different. Even naming animals that you find doesn’t make sense because every animal that you find is going to be a new species. Even if you name thousands of animals, who cares. Nobody will even get to see a planet that you named because the chance for two players to reach the same planet is close to zero.

I am not an anti-NMS guy, although it seems from my posts, I just want someone to tell me why he or she really like the game, what there is to it. I think that most people have their brain washed. I hope that I am wrong and it would be an amazing game, but I highly dought it.


Nadia, why every game has to have multiplayer? I agree that a social feature would be nice, but it does have that in a way, where people can share their findings online. I think it would be amazing to see what other people discover. I do think that it would be awesome to have more structures in the game, rather than just animals and landscapes. I do recall Sean Murray mentioning something about remains, not sure if those are structures or just collectible items though. I can tell that I had enough with shooters, MOBS and RPG games, I want to play something different for a change. The two games that really excited me are For Honor (medieval sword fighting) and Farpoint (PlayStation VR FPS) and I’m surely going to play Civilization 6 on the PC when it comes out later this year. Other than that, I’m happy that I get to play a survival/exploration game this year, I can’t find any other game that can compete against NMS in that spot.

I know that many people would pay anything to have the option to fly and explore the galaxy with friends, but this trailer really excited me in a way that it showed me how exciting it is looking at space scenes and how amazing it is to discover and see new places.

You just don’t get to see those galactic scenes in real life. They presented the universe as a very diverse and vivid place, one that any adventurer would want to explore. It almost convinces me to become an explorer and forget about the other ship classes, but I’ll wait to see the other three trailers and then see what will excite me the most.

I don’t mind doing it alone, ​to be honest. There are many games that I played without multiplayer and I still enjoy playing them. I think that this is going to be an amazing game regardless.

What I really liked about the trailer is that it showed many planets, each one looks so unique and interesting in its own way. For example, one planet was covered with rocks and ice, the other was a desert with sandstorms, one at nighttime with spooky vegetation and one that looks like a tropic island with very vivid planetscape. That’s exactly what we can expect to see and feel when we play the game, the excitement prior to landing on a new uncharted planet.

I think some people think that you’ll get bored with this after some time, maybe, but for me, it will take quite a long time, I just feel it.

By the way, did you see the space whale at 0:57 - NMS is full of awesomeness!

Why just one, release all four, can’t wait !!!

Yeh, can’t wait for the other trailers. I’m going to be a pirate, so beware!

BTW, if you plan to be a trader, check this new video out.

Seems very Adventurous game. Feels like player will experience Virtual Reality at the best.

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