No Man's Sky Cooperative Multiplayer

Is Multiplayer is necessary to give players a great exploration experience? Is it really a big miss and even a mistake Hello Games made with No Man’s Sky? This game is technically wasn’t done before, and this what made the community show so much interest in it.

The thing is that as you slowly starting to grasp the scale of the game and what is all about (i.e. trading, fighting, exploring), you ask yourself several questions, but one of them is “Can I explore this world with my friends? It’s such a huge world, I don’t want to play it all alone.”.

It really depends on how we define the multiplayer aspect in NMS. From what we know so far, all players will share them same consistent universe. According to Sean Murray, the director of the game and found of Hello Games, “Multiplayer is not a thing people should be thinking about” and “Multiplayer in the game is not such a big focus actually” and those words came from Sean Murray himself.

Sean told the press that they don’t want to make an MMO and there are tons of other great games that you can pick up that do just that. Sean Murray wants to give players a sense that other people exist in the same universe, and in fact, it will be quite frequent that people will discover planets that other players have discovered before them. In fact, that came to me quite as a big surprise, because I didn’t expect that players will ever have a chance to find planets that other people have discovered due to the huge scale of the game.

This also means that if players can discover plans that other people have been there before them, there is also a good chance that they can actually meet! That being said, Sean also said that for people being at the same place at the same time is “incredibly rare”. So that definitely mean that there is a very slight chance that this would ever happen, but it is a possibility.

Of course, the odds of two people ever meeting each other in space depends on how many will actually play the game. I’m sure that if 100 people play it, the chances are almost not existent, but if tens of millions play will play it, the chances are going to be significantly higher, but still relatively very very low. You know, it reminds me other developer expectations that blew up in their faces. I already see a picture where tens of millions of players playing the game beyond any expectations and people will already found other players on day one. The chances will also increase if PC and PS4 players share the same universe, but as for now, there is not information on the web to confirm this.

Even if you do meet other players, there won’t be too many things to do. It’s not like when you meet a bond is made and you can then spawn where your friend is at any given time when joining the game. If you indeed meet another player, you won’t be able to play together for a while. I didn’t make it up, Sean answered ‘No’ to this question in an interview with No Man’s Sky wasn’t meant to be played with other players, but just give a sense of that, so you should put your expectations in place.

So in fact, No Man’s Sky is a single-player game in that sense. I know that many people hoped for cooperative gameplay, but it won’t happen, their game wasn’t designed as a cooperative multiplayer game. Who knows, maybe this feature might be added in a future DLC, but as for now, you should probably look at this game solely as a single-player experience.

With so many people hoping for No Man’s Sky to be a cooperative game, it seems that Hello Games might miss something big here. After all, is it so complicated to make No Man’s Sky support cooperative gameplay? I’m sure that many people would love to see that happen.

What do you guys think? Do you want NMS to support cooperative gameplay?

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I want it to have a coopetive play, or at least have the option to play with friends. I don’t understand why Hello Games release so little information about that.

No Man’s Sky has been heavily criticised for good and for bad since the day it was announced, and that just got even more intense as the project moves towards its release date. One of the main criticism was the lack of information about the multiplayer aspect of the game.

People can’t meet each other in NMS universe, but due to its scale, the chances of meeting each other are very small. Some people say 1%, but I don’t really know the odds and i think it’s entirely depends on the amount of players that will play the game, so I think those assumptions has no base.

The thing is that the game main focus is not on a cooperative or competitive gameplay, but rather on a sole exploration of the universe on your own. If people do meet, they can see each other and even spend some time together, but I have no idea how the game supports it and whether, once people meet, there will be an option for them to continue their journey together through the galaxy or even exchange good, I really don’t know.

I didn’t even read any official answer whether people in your friend’s list, on the PS4 for example, will appear as “Friends” in the game. From reasons unknown, Hello Games have decided not to reveal too much information about that. The less they talk about it, however, the more questions that arise, because there isn’t a definitive answer for that.

I guess we know that once the game is officially released.

Honestly, I can’t see this happening, and there are so many other great games coming. Even if it comes, it will be just too late.

You know what’s funny, Hello Games haven’t twitted since the previous update, but before the game launched, they twitter every day, go figure.