No Man's Sky app for Android and iOS would be awesome

I think it would be great if No Man’s Sky had a mobile app for Android and iOS, in which players can share their findings with other players, and allow other players to follow them and see their progression (e.g. what they crafted, where they are on the galactic map, etc.)

If indeed an app like this comes out, it would be even better if we had a website for socializing as well and have those same features. You know, sometimes even when I play single player games, I don’t feel alone when I chat with my friends on the PS4 voice chat. We know that the player is a single-player experience in most part, so a No Man’s Sky mobile app can help players to feel part of an explorers’ community and they won’t feel that they are all alone in the universe.

What do you guys think, a good or bad idea?

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It’s an excellent idea, but we need to know first what players can share with other players and how the game plays exactly before we know if a mobile app is really necessary and can offer something substantial to the social aspect of the game. I know that many players that play games that have social features, want to be connected to their favorite games while at work and when they don’t play it at home.

Yes, it will be great if No Man’s Sky will launch for mobile phones too. it will be more easy launch it for those who does not have PS. Such a great idea it is.

I wouldn’t mind having an ap just to track what my friends are doing for example, could be nice.