No football games for the HTC Vive? Finally!

Living in America, football is a favorite pastime. So when I plugged in my HTC Vive and opened up the Steam store…I was AMAZED when I saw that no one had made an attempt at creating an American Football game. So I got to thinking, and with my best friend, we came up with Football VR.

Football VR is a simple experience that allows you to really feel like a pro quarterback. There are three targets that you can aim for to rack up points to reach our all time high-score leaderboard.

As it looks and feels, this was cranked out in no time at all, but is still a fun experience for the Vive so be kind :slight_smile: . Please check it out and leave a short review if you have time!


I agree, no Football VR games. This one looks really cool, but it’s not like a full Football experience, just throwing through hoops and stuff. Is there more to it because I would really love to see a game like Madden NFL in VR, but I guess the fluid character movement doesn’t fit well for VR and can cause motion sickness.

I think you just made the first virtual reality Football game in history. I didn’t find any reviews on metacritic, but for this price, I certainly going to give it a shot.

Thanks for posting the game here, I take a look at it tomorrow.

Haha I think in time we will see more complete sports games developed, but I agree, no one wants to deal with motion sickness lol

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Thanks alot, please do let me know what your thoughts are. I’m sure we will start seeing more football games developed in the near future hehe

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Any plans for a more full Football experience?, curious :slight_smile:

Haha of course we have thought about that. We are working on other projects for the time being but may have some added gameplay available soon :slight_smile: Will for sure keep you posted!

Thats a great idea. Developers should made a football VR game for Football lovers.

I actually don’t want a real football game, something more arcady would be awesome. I mean I like your game, but it leaves something to be desired if you know what I mean.