Nintendo Switch - Why I absolutely love it and intend to buy it?

I just want to share some of my thoughts about the Nintendo Switch. I’ve stayed up late to see the launch event. My opinion on the Nintendo Switch hasn’t changed much since its announcement. There are obviously some pros and cons.

I really love the fact that I can play with the Switch as a portable device. A year ago I went on a trip to Spain and stayed there for three months. I have the PS4 console, but I didn’t want to take it with me because it weighs a lot and it’s very uncomfortable to carry around. If I had the Switch, I wouldn’t even think twice. It’s great to be able to take a portable gaming machine with you that can satisfy your gaming needs wherever you go.

The battery life is probably the main downside. It suppose to give you between 2.5 to 6 hours gameplay, which varies on the usage and the game played. It might be enough for casual gamers on the go, but I’m sure that there are many gamers who want to play a few session in a day and don’t want to need to charge in between session.

If you just want to play in bed you can still connect a charge and use it, which is nice. I think that this is why the 3DS is such an amazing device, it offers great battery life and it’s very portable, you can literally put it in your pocket and thake it everywhere you go, like a smartphone. While the Switch is more like tablet.

I think it would have been nice to have a detachable battery pack which can extend the battery life for people playing on the go, but I’m not sure how healthy it is holding such a device in your hand for a long period of time. I also wonder why they couldn’t make the Switch a bit thicker and put a more powerful custom battery, maybe it’s a design and ergonomic decision.

###Exclusive Games
If I am going to buy the Nintendo Switch, I would do it because of the exclusive games. I already have the PS4 and there are some really good high-quality games for it. But Nintendo always had really fun games that I wanted to play and it brings unique titles that PS4 and Xbox One developers are not focusing on. Games that reminds me the amazing games I use to play when I was a child, with cartoony styled visuals, a lot of humor, very vivid presentation, light RPG looting games, cool co-operative games and of course the amazing Super Smash Bros. brawler game that I wish that game would be on the PS4, but it it’s an Nintendo exclusive.

Of course loving specific games is entirely subjective. One of the games that really answered my specific needs and shown me why I adore Nintendo so much is the Nintendo Switch exclusive game called ARMS. Just take a look at this video that showcase some gameplay.

This is one of the game that might seems a bit akweward at first, but I think it’s going to be a huge hit and one of the most popular titles for the Switch in 2017 and shows me that there is plenty of great games coming on our way. It’s basically a boxing game but with a big twist, which give you option to select a specific items for each hand and strategically build up your skill to beat your opponent (either AI or real local or online player). The visuals of thie game are nothing less but stunning. This is exactly the Nintendo game’s signature I was looking for to see coming to the Switch. I love fast-paced competitive online brawler games and although I think that 2-vs-2 mode would have been even better, it looks like an amazing game that really needs skill and can become even more exciting with new DLC updates with more arm types, more characters and different arenas to play in. I love the use of the motion controllers. It’s also a bit different than the previous Nintendo controllers. It looks more responsive, and for this particular game, it doesn’t requires very prominent hand moves to control the character, just subtle ones. I did read that there is an option to play it without the motion tracking just with the regular controller.

The second game that I found truly innovative and blew my mind is Snipperclips, a two-player cooperative puzzle game that requires great communication and creative thiking. I can’t recall any game in recent years that just made me laugh out loud watching a gamplay of it, and I don’t laugh so easily. I was so impressed with this game. People on the live chat were bashing this game, but I think this is one of the most innovative cooperative games I’ve ever seen, and if I do buy the Switch, this is one of the games that I want to play first.

Here’s a video showcasing Snipperclips, you have to watch it, such an adorable game!!

There aren’t a lot of exclusives at launch unfortunately, and I’m sure many people who’ll buy this console, are really not into playing FIFA or Skyrim, but buy into the new System for its great unique exclusive titles. I think Nintendo won’t disappoint, but keep in mind that it might take a year or so until we get to see more great titles, it takes time to develop them after all.


The HD Rumble in the motion controls is a really nice feature to have. There is nothing to complain about, because it’s there if you want it or not. I think the Joy-con controller when used separately is too small for large hands, but you can always buy the Pro controller, although a $80 price is really ridiculous, I mean it’s almost third of the price of the console. Just consider that you probably going to buy 2 games when the console it out, so it can get pretty pricey in total.

###Other features
The thing that I didn’t really liked is the paid membership subscription service for online gameplay. I would have preferred to support the develop directly for my choice of game, which I can do in Early Access games in Steam, but playing that money to Nintendo, for me, it’s not a good investment.

At the end of the day it comes to the exclusive titles. I’m sure Nintendo won’t disappoint there, but I think it should introduced at least 3-5 exclusive titles and launch them in March, rather telling gamers, “Hey, we have some really cool games, but you have to wait a few moths for them, meantime just play some other games.”.

I also didn’t like that the party online chat will be used via a mobile phone app, I would have preferred just sticking a headphone and have this functionality built-in the Switch (unless I am missing something here, correct me if I am wrong because on is says “Online Lobby & Voice Chat app” under the ‘Service subscribers’).

I think that Nintendo Switch has a great potential as a home console mainly due to its portability (which is VERY important in my opinion) and its great unique titles. There is a lot of creativity going on in Nintendo games. As an enthusiast gamer, I know that there are going to be many Switch games that I won’t be able to play anywhere else. On the psychological aspect, it’s also nice to be a part of enthusiast gamers that have passion for these type of amazing game that developer brings to this platform. It’s not only psychological, because I know that at the end of the day I will be able to play online games with name. I love the ability for future games to support up to 8 connected Switch devices locally, I love the color variation, the back stand, the parental control…wait wait wait, please look at this amazing Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app ad, SO ADORABLE!

I laughed like a little kid when I saw it, just brilliant!

I also love the game cartridges. It just feels better to buy a game and like really owning a physical copy of it and in a durable and yet small factor (compared to a digital purchase). The game cartridge and the portable design of the Switch, in my opinion, will give players a more personal experience, regardless of the games that you are going to play, just the design itself feels more personal and I think many people will enjoy it even more because of it.

Disclaimer: I never owned a Nintendo system before, so these words are certainly not coming for all time around fanboy. I do however understand why so many gamers fell in love with the platform and its games. There are many other things that I didn’t mention here, but I think that the overall package is great. I do intend to dig a bit more and learn more about it (like what the exact hardware used for it, I really want to know), but if everything works well, I think I’ll buy it very soon. Nintendo really brings out the child in me, so excited!

What’s your opinion, do you like the Nintendo Switch?

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I also wanted to add that I bought so many games on the PS4, so many of those so called “amazing graphics”, “going to be an amazing game”, “triple AAA” I found boring and uninspiring that I eventually played a day (some even a few hours) and just didn’t touch them again. It always felt to me that something was missing. I could clearly feel the lack of innovation and creative thinking in developing many of those games. When I played some Nintendo games at my friend’s house that own the Wii U, it just took me many years back when I was a child and I really felt pure enjoyment and excitement playing some of those games. I played Super Smash Bros. and always cried why this type of game isn’t available on the PS4. A lot of marketing really fooled me to buy many games, but in one time I just stopped buying those. Nintendo certainly fits my personal taste in games and I know that I’m going to find innovation there, regardless of the inferior graphics processing unit power or availability of triple-A 3rd party titles, I don’t think that I’ll ever miss those to be honest. Again, I didn’t finalize my buying decision just yet, but as for now, I am definitely leaning towards buying the new Nintendo Switch.

Regarding battery life, I think you can always use an external battery pack like those 20K powered ones that will last you for the whole day!

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