Nintendo Switch mobile gaming system announced

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch, a portable game ‘console’ that can connect to your home TV and comes with detachable controllers.

To be honest, I was expecting a conventional console announcement, but I can understand where Nintendo is going with this. Nintendo wanted to unify its portable gaming device with a home console and came up with this hybrid solution. The main advantage of this system is that you can continue playing games that you started playing at home and take them outdoors to the bus, airplane or whatever you usually play games when you are outdoors.

Nintendo didn’t release any hardware specs for its new Switch gaming system, but we an just assume that it will be not less powerful than its Wii U console, and if it’s true, we are going to have a very powerful powerful powerful gaming system.

My main problem with this approach is that we already have portable gaming systems in the form of mobile phones and tablet devices, which are not less powerful and becoming more powerful each year. Developers also quickly adapt to these new powerful hardware changes. There are also millions of apps and games that you can run on your smartphone or tablet and you have both data an cellular connection, while the Nintendo Switch lacks the cellular networking, so you won’t be able to make calls with it on a cellular network.

Nintendo 'Switch supports local multiplayer, so you can enjoy playing against or with friends that also have this gaming system.

The second problem that might worry many gamers is the battery life. This is one of the biggest issues with mobile gaming in general, playing games just eats the battery too fast, especially in mobile devices with large screens. If there is fast (quick) charging, it can really help out, but there is no word about whether Nintendo Switch supports quick charging, because Nintendo didn’t release any hardware specs yet.

What do you guys think?


First of all, I really like the modular design and the large screen (should be around 6 to 7-inches wide). I love how you can attach the controllers to the console and how the controllers can form a controller that looks like a conventional controller. At the end of the day it comes to exclusive games. I agree with you that there are millions of apps and games (many of the are free) on Google Play and App Store for mobile phones, and I find it hard to believe that the Nintendo Switch can compete with that. The Nintendo brand can help sell more Switch consoles, but it’s up for Nintendo to partner with 3rd party developer to bring new IPs for this console.

You know what’s funny about the trailer, one guys mentioned it on Twitter, there is not even one kid in the trailer. A friend of mine told me that Nintendo lost many of its loyal fans because they are now adults and are more interested in playing game on the PS4 and Xbox One than the Wii U. So I can understand why the appeal to an older crowd. Nintendo probably did their homework and figured out that their best bet is to appeal to a more mature crowd rather than kids.

This is a mid-tier option of course. It’s not a console for anyone searching for top-notch graphics and super-fast framerates, Nintendo Switch isn’t a console for this.

I also heard that it’s region free, which is great and I love the cartridge-based system, brings some nostalgic memories :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand this strategy. Where are you going to play games with it exactly: in the bus, train, toilet, car? Most people have very little time playing games when they are outdoors. It’s good to take on a plane for sure, but you already have your tablet or mobile phone with you, why carry yet another mobile device?

The only advantage I see here is that it would be nice to continue playing a game when you leave your house, but as I mentioned, most people don’t have time to enjoy it outdoors, and when they come home, it’s better just to play a game on the PS4 or the Xbox One because you can do voice chat and socialize with others, which is one of the main benefits of owning one of these consoles. I don’t believe Nintendo Switch will have it, because it also absent from the Wii U.

I don’t like the new Nintendo Switch. Nintendo didn’t convince me to buy it.

You know, I think that cartridges are really cool, much better than discs, and also have longer shelf life. I think many people love owning a physical copy of games, you just feel that you own the game compared to the digital equivalent, so I love the new Nintendo Switch for that. Oh, I also love the switch sound that you get when visiting the Japanese website of Nintendo :slight_smile:

I also think that people will love the quality materials. Judging by the look of it, it really looks like a well-made console, made with strong dense plastic.

I also assume that the Nintendo Switch also doesn’t have a touchscreen display, so it’s not like a tablet in that sense.

I know many people who would be super excited to own a portable gaming console with cartridge support. Even in 2016, many gamers really love the personal feeling when playing games on a portable device and owning cartridge of games which you can also easily share with your friends.

Another thing that I like about the Switch console is that ability to play locally with friends, although I obviously prefer playing with and versus other people online, and I want to see which games support it and how it works exactly. It would be amazing if it had PS4 voice chat like feature, but as I mentioned, I am a very skeptic about this one. If there was an option, I think that Nintendo would have mentioned it in the press release.

You know guys, one of my favorite games one the Wii U was Splatoon and Smash Mario Bros., it would be awesome to play it on the road on the new Nitendo Switch. I just love it!

Any word about the release date for Nintendo Switch, because my brother is flying to the US, it can bring me one for a cheaper price.

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Haven’t seen anything about a release date, but I assume Nintendo doesn’t want to miss the holiday season.

Update: according to, the Nintendo Switch launched on March 2017 - pretty close!