New VR Shooter - Regenesis Arcade Deluxe

Hello everyone,

My name’s Maciej and I’ve made a game called Regenesis Arcade Deluxe, together with my team at Hyperbook Studios. It’s the studio’s first title, we put much heart in it and I think it turned out pretty solid. I hope you won’t treat this as a spam - what I want to get is some solid feedback on the game itself and hopefully your reactions, if you find it worth playing.

It’s a wave shooter with 6 maps to unlock, lots of different perks (freezing shots, bouncing bullets, double barrels etc.), several types of enemies, both flying and walking, boss fights, online leaderboards and more.

I’ve seen and played lots of VR games for past two years and I think our game turned out quite good. What do you think, though? Please, if you have a moment, check out the link below, which leads to the Steam page. We are still in Early Access, but hope to release the final version soon:

Thank you in advance for your feedback! Feel free to give it a go, if not the full version, then there is free “Regenesis Arcade LITE”, avaliable also on Steam.

Have a nice day,