NEW VIVE GAME Available Now - FILE 9

We are excited to bring you our first VR game for the VIVE. We built Cypress Inheritance: FILE 9 from the ground up for VR to give a fantastic VR experience. Within CIF9 you will experience intuitive controls, a variety of enemies that will keep you guessing and a unique realistic environment. Your reflexes and ability to stay calm will be tested under pressure but with patience and focus you can achieve success!

Within Alfred’s programs, he has set up several files that contain simulations to help prepare for security threats, such as breaches or hacks into the system. FILE 9 contains a program designed for preparing for such an event.

With multiple locations around the world and the constant threat of a security breach, Lorna has realized that she needs to be ready at all times. She also knows that the more training she has the better.

Lorna must learn how to be agile, balanced, and calm under pressure to defend her position and maintain continuance of the systems. This will not be easy, as the security defenses that are in place are meant to stop intruders! But with confidence and the ability to adapt and learn, it is possible to overcome.


Looks great, love VR FPS games! Good luck with your new game.

BTW, is it a ship FPS or human FPS?

I agree looks it does look great, and it is a human FPS

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Is the game available on Steam? I can’t seem to find it.

Currently the game is not on Steam. It is only available at the site, here is a link to that.

Also, there will be content additions over the next few days as well.

Thank you,
Cypress Inheritance


You can view the game on STEAM at

Thank you!
Cypress Inheritance, LLC

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I’ve corrected the game info on the website, I wish you a successful launch!

Did send an email also to you but thank you very much!

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More content added.

Game is on sale on steam:
Latest Trailer Video: