New time-limited puzzle-solving vr game - Plasmatic

HI, everyone.
We are the EpicVR Studio from Cracow, Poland. We are realising game called Plasmatic. Now Free Demo is Available on Steam. This game is one of our biggest productions, so we’d be really glad if we saw any potential feedback from you guys. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. It’s like an escape room experience with puzzles and Science Fiction AI guiding you to the Goal.

About The game:
Plasmatic is a virtual, utopian space into which our society has voluntarily moved. We wake up from it unexpectedly. Our goal is to repair the main simulation core of Plasmatic. The continuation of life lived in it before will not be possible without the reparation. We are helped to achieve the goal by the Plasmatic’s artificial intelligence called SPIRIT. During the game we slowly get to know the real intentions of our guide and we start to question the rightness of the goal we have to achieve. We are also becoming more and more aware of the fact that its implementation depends only on us.

We hope you’ll enjoy it :wink:
Have Fun, EpicVR