New Gear VR Revaled - Key Features

Samsung has revealed its new Gear VR headset. It comes with a wider field of view (96 vs 101), a new type-C USB connector and it will be compatible with older Samsung Galaxy phones as well. Samsung added a Home and Back keys to the right side of the headset.

The new Samsung Gear VR 2 is compatible with the new Galaxy Note 7 and it now has a new navy blue color. The new Gear VR should give players a slightly better viewing experience in my onion, and the new touchpad will be more enjoyable to use. There aren’t any revolutionary changed though, but it’s an expected evolutionary update.

Check this video by The Verge that covers all the new features:

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Never was into the Gear VR mobile tech, but I’m sure that people who plan to buy the new Note 7 will enjoy a good VR experience, left alone all the great 3D videos out there. Nice, but I am not that excited, nothing revolutionary, just an update.