New Gear VR headset coming soon?

A post on mentioned a new listing on an Indian import database showing a device with a new model number, which is different than the one of the previous VR (SM-R323 vs SM-R322), which might suggest that a new Gear VR headset is just around the corner.

Check out the original post:

It’s interesting to see how Samsung intends to compete against Google Dream which targets many smartphones, not just a few like the GearVR does. What do you guys think?

Honestly, with all Samsung Galaxy smartphone sales, they are pretty shielded from Google Daydream invasion for the time being, That being said, they need to adapt pretty fast, because I have no doubt that Daydream will become the most popular VR mobile platform in 2017, and although we might see Daydream-ready phones from Samsung (will we?), Samsung need to have its own platform instead of sticking with a device that only works in a small selected of high-end Samsung smartphones. It will certainly become a problem and Samsung needs to tackle this as soon as possible.

I’m planning to sell my Gear VR before Google Daydream comes out, but I had great time with it, time to evolve.