New Cardboard Game - Block Blaster VR

When I got my Cardboard I couldn’t find any VR games to my liking, so I decided to make one. I recently published it! I think it’s a pretty innovative mix of puzzles and arcade, within the VR experience. Other VR game downloads seem to be mostly demos, I put a lot of effort to make a full game.

Here’s a promo video:

And the Google Play Store link:

I hope you guys like it!


Hi Jorge, looks great, when I get home I’m going to give it a try.

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Does it work with Gear VR as well?

Playing now, just hatched, I think the sound effects of the shooting can be improved. I’ll provide full feedback soon.

Thanks VR-Gamer! The shooting sounds will change with game progression, but let me know if some of them are annoying or too loud.

I am out of moves at level 3, can you explain what I’m doing wrong. I can’t see myself getting all blocks in 20 shots, am I missing something?

update: I missed the tutorial, funny me. trying it now.

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genjiPrecise, I’ve heard from a user that he was able to run it on his Gear VR (just as he runs all other Cardboard apps), but haven’t seen it myself and have no way to test it.

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Maybe it’s me, but after finishing the tutorial I still don’t understand how to finish the third level in less than 20 shots. Is there a way to make the cube explode and damage the ones near it?

I really enjoy playing it so far, but maybe I missed something in the tutorial. I just understand that you need to gaze at a block and after 5 seconds it explodes. So if there are more than 20 blocks, how can you take them all out in 20 shots or less? (same as VR-Gamer, I’m stuck)

I’ll try it on my Gear VR as well and tell you if it works.


After the cube goes dark, you can select an adjacent cube of the same color to daisy chain them into a single move.

This is good feedback! I’ll modify the tutorial and the on-screen hints to make his more obvious.


Thanks, I got it! now it’s super fun! you need to quickly move from one cube to the other, but they have to be the same color and all of them explode. My brother wants to try out…hhaaaa… :frowning: only one headset. I’ll tell you what I think once I get to a higher level and better get the hang of it.

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Yeh, Meatloaf level 4. Chaining hits is so much fun and addictive. I think that a sci-fi theme is a better fit for this type of game. If it had a dark theme and glowing cubes, you could add glowing special effects that would look even more awesome. Something more splashy if you know what I mean,

Awesome! I have a Tron-looking Sci-fi shooting room just like you describe, it get’s unlocked at level 12. In there you play for score rather than level-progression. I’m wondering if it should get unlocked earlier just for better player-engagement right off the bat.


You mean the same as the first image on the game’s page on Google Play? If that’s I mean even shinier. I think that the textures don’t do any good here. With a dark theme, you can really make the game really vivid, eye-popping, futuristic, Tron-like as you mentioned. I understand that the game is already released and you probably won’t change it, but something to consider for maybe future updates or version two of the game.

The sound effects should be improved, they sound like a Commodore 64. I believe that sounds can really make a huge effect on the gameplay experience. You can also make the background a bit more dynamic, like something flying in the background to make the whole environment more alive. Again, when I see this type of game, I imagine different visuals, but hey, this is just my opinion.

The sounds are ok in terms of loudness.

I’ll add more feedback soon, need to get to those higher levels first.

The game is great so far, challenging and addictive. What I like about games!


Sci-Fi theme might still be a good idea, maybe for a second version of the game. Originally I wanted to make the game in space, but the math for spheres (like, blasting planets) was hard! I eventually figured it out, tho, for the later levels of the game, so there’s definitely opportunity to do so later!


Yeh, I guess that the use of cube it the easiest way to go, it’s simple and you just add textures to make it look more interesting. I can tell you that there are many games with relatively simple mechanics. Yours is really good and with more professional art design, it would have been even more amazing. I understand that most programmers aren’t designers (my brother is a programmer), so this is why many of the relatively simple projects lack appealing visuals.

I need more time with the game to provide more in-depth feedback, and I’ll certainly do so tomorrow (bed time now). I like helping developers perfecting their games.

I just have a few questions and a suggestion:

  • Do you plan to also develop for PlayStation VR? (I’m telling you because I have some ideas)

  • The game has in-game purchases (“Offers in-app purchases”) but I didn’t see anything that I can buy.

  • You can add power ups to help people progress. I think this game would be amazing if you can, if you perform well, acquire powerups and use them in the game. You can also make very hard levels and sell powerups that will make people buy them if they are having a hard time progressing through harder levels.

Just a few thoughts, I’ll play tomorrow again and provide you with even more feedback. Good luck!

A game like “An Epic Dragon Marble Blaster” would have been amazing in VR! I’ll check your game a bit later. Thanks for sharing.

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I really want to play more games, but Pokémon Go takes all my time :frowning:

I just don’t understand this game, but it made millions of people look like zombies. A phenomenon, no doubt about.

Hopefully it creates some awareness about the current capabilities of smartphones. Almost all of my friends with flagship smartphones have no clue what augmented reality, gyroscopes and Cardboard are!

Hi Jorge. You know, when I saw Pokemon in a Nintendo event in E3, I just couldn’t believe that people are actually playing these type of games, it doesn’t look enjoyable to me. I think that Pokemon GO is just the first game of its type, at least one that was done right to appeal to a large audience (and they also had a big advertising budget). I am not a fan of it myself, but I think it’s one of the fascinating exploration games out there, because you physically go and explore these places yourself, on foot. When PvP comes out, it’s going to be even more intense and even more popular. This game is just bigger than life and the numbers speak for themselves. For me, it was boring, maybe PvP will bring something more interesting to the game and I might give it a second chance.

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