Nerf Doomfist now! - Overwatch new character

I am watching Seagull playing Doomfist in Overwatch. I stopped playing this game a month ago but after seeing the new Doomfist character I feel getting back into the game. This character has tons of mobility abilities, he can jump dash and strike forward. He is really fun to play, but I am worried about other players enjoying him being in a fight. Seagull just crashed all the players so easily, but of course he is a professional player and he is playing in unranked matches.

I think that many players will want this character nerfed fast because its mobility is really hard to counter. I really like the design of the character with his big right hand fist. Doomfist can shoot projectiles with his left arm and storm forward with his right hand. If he hits someone against a wall, he hits for 100 damage, which for some support character this means insta-depth or as players call it, one-shot-kill.

What do you think about Doomfist, should he be nerfed?


Thanks for the PM. I saw your message and went to see his stream. Yeh, he is very mobile character and I can understand why some people will want it nerf. Keep in mind that this is still in testing and Blizzard might adjust some of his abilities before it officially gets into the game. I personally think his ultimate ability, the Meteor Strike is kind of boring, Blizzard could have came with something more interesting and with different outcome than just stun and damage.

I think that Doomfist will defensively get into the meta. Just seeing Seagul playing it you can see how devastating this character can be in the hands of a professional Overwatch player. Mobility is the reason why Genji is so powerful character when played by a skilled player and Doomfist is much more mobile character than Genji, he an jump up, storm forward, stun, shoot, evade depth with his ult and all that in a very fast pace gameplay. He can ever storm like 20 meters with one movement, and can reach high places like Winston. The only thing that still make Winston a good character is because he has shield.

I’m sure that if you visit reddit you can see plenty of player ranting about this character, but to be honest, it’s really enjoyable to see him in play.


Doomfist is Definitely without a doubt OVERPOWERED. I remember when Blizzard talked about why characters don’t have shift for speed, is because they don’t want all character to be very fast and make some characters unique. The mobility is the reason why many players die eventually, and now they bring a character like Doomfist with insane aerial attack and defensive abilities, this is just stupid. It’s like Doomfist has all the mobility advantages of all the other characters like Winston, Genji and on top of that, he also DPS character that deals tons of damage. This character just has it all, and this means that soon enough he will be nerfed. He create a very unbalance gameplay If he stays like that, it will be a must-have character in ranked gameplay in every match.


To be honest, I think this Doomfist dude just makes Overwatch much more versatile and both fun to play and watch. I like that type of mobility, like a Quake or DOOM game. That being said, Overwatch wasn’t designed to be a mayhem and it’s a tactical team-oriented competitive multiplayer game. If tracer and Winston aren’t disturbing enough, now they added another annoying very mobile player into the mix.

I’m sure that professional players will find way to counter Doomfist and he will be less intimidating. Seagull really loves this character. I don’t remember seeing him enjoying playing Overwatch so much before. It seems like Doomfist is exactly the type of character he was waiting for. He said that he didn’t expect to see a character like Doomfist and it was really a big surprised. He also said that he expect Doomfist to be nerfed as well. If a professional player says that, we probably are going to see that happening soon enough.

Nice to see some non-VR conversation in the forum… I love Overwatch and play it from time to time, although I suck at it (bad aiming).

Oh, by the way, you can check Seagull steam here: Twitch

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I agree, I enjoy seeing Seagull playing it. Doomfist is even more frightening when coupled with Mercy. He can benefits greatly from the damage boost and the healing. The more he stays alive, the more devastating he becomes. He has 250 health pool, so so it’s quite balance, but the thing is that he has great survivability due to his abilities to easily invade attacked. You need to have good timing with his attacks, but once you get use to it, which might take some time, he becomes really string and very hard to counter. Even Mei has problem countering him and I think people will use Sombra in order to disrupt his abilities before he can deal a lot of damage to characters trying to capture a point.


I think this is the time to bring back Junkrat back to the meta. He can deal with doomfist… mmm…maybe :slight_smile:

When I come to think about it, Doomfist is great for help capturing capture points. His ability has long delay, so he can just delay the other character getting into the capture point and if everyone fighting at the point, he can deal devastating damage from above–very versatile character indeed.:tired_face:


I am really interested to see who they chose to do the voice of Doomfist, the voice actor. I love seeing voice actors saying the lines in real life, it’s so cool!

Nerf already LUL, this character was just released today and only in PTR and you guys want him to be nerefed already…this is just hilarious.


I agree, people just seeing Seagull playing it against amateur players and they think he is overpowered. Seagull is good with any player he gets his hands on.

Don’t know about nerf, it’s too early, but I’m sure Winston is envy with Doomfist’s abilities, he can leap like him with better directional control and he deals much more damage. I just hope that Winston won’t get out of the meta, I enjoy playing him, my favorite character so far.

Oh speaking about Seagull, check this out, and the title of the video. It’s Seagull that is overpowered.

Honestly, when I watch Seagull plays Doomfist it doesn’t look like Overwatch, more like a Mortal Kombat fight :grinning:

By the way, Seagull mentioned that it might cause an unorganized play and it will be hard to fix. I think he said that because Doomfist just change the entire fight tactics, it’s like making everyone focus on him because he can easily kill you with one shot when he storms towards you. When you look at tracer, she is just like a disturbing fly. She doesn’t deal a lot of damage, more annoying than a real threat, but Doomfist can easily get you killed if you are not reacting in time.

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I think best counter is Sombra. His ult is also kind of easy to run away from, like McCree’s,but it can combo well with others ults. I feel petty for Mercy and Anna needing to keep up with his insane mobility :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Check this out…

“This hero (Doomfist) is going to be so insane” - Seagull

You mentioned Doomfist plays like Mortal Kombat?! – Agree!

Poor Mercy, can’t keep up with Doomfist’s insane mobility.


Tvique complained about Doomfist’s awkward shooting mechanic. The projectiles go out very slow and from different knuckles which for him it seems very awkward to play. He is more ability-based. I think this is how Blizzard stabilizes him, because if it had very accurate and fast shot bursts, he would be OP.

Seagull makes every hero he plays look OP, especially more versatile characters like Genji and now doomfist. I am not sure that he will be in the Meta. By the way Seagull didn’t play against players in its own league so you really can’t judge that particular doomfist’s gameplay sessions. Pro players will definitely test it out in ranked play to see how good he is.

Need to go to sleep now… see ya later boys and girls.

Thanks for sharing those videos @Lili92

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You are right, if you’ve seen how Tvique plays doomfist with his friends which are very good players, you would understand that Doomfist is a well-balanced hero and he doesn’t need any Nerf at all. Seagull played with random players which are much less experience than him, and the results is that you see in those videos, him crashing the opponent team with 25+ kill streaks.

I also don’t know what Tvique is talking about slow shooting, it shoot pretty fast, like McCree more or less.

Do you know if Doomfist can contest a capture point while airborne? If so this sucks balls.

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According to ster Overwatch streamer, yes. he can contest while in the air and he said he liked to see that nerfed.