My Favorite Fitness VR Games for Workout & Weight Loss

I’ve been using my Oculus Quest 2 VR headset for workouts as well. Now, to be honest, I hate just walking around the neighborhood, but I do it a lot while I am abroad. Bottom line, I got lots of weight, especially now with the Coronavirus pandemic and all the quarantine.

The thing is that I can give myself excuses and I want to lose weight. When I got my Oculus Quest 2 headset, I realized how amazing it is for losing weight. I mean, for exercising.

The best exercise is the one you enjoy and I enjoy playing games in VR. I tried several games and realized that I am actually physically very active while using them. Some of them made me sweat. I told myself, why not I try some games and lean towards those that both I enjoy playing and the ones that can give me good exercise.

My favorite VR games that aren’t actually categorized as fitness game but can give you very good exercise are:

Beat Saber, Racket: Nx, The Thrill Of The Fight - VR Boxing, Eleven Table Tennis, and Gorn.

Now, there are plenty others, but those which I tried and really liked both playing and they provide me with great exercise.

I put a plan to exercise at least 45 minutes as a goal in the ‘Move’ Quest 2 app.

The key to getting motivated is choosing the games that you enjoy playing and try to mix and match so you won’t get bored with the same app. Also, try different apps to find the one that you enjoy even more.

I was able to lose 6.2 pounds in 9 days. Now that was alongside a healthy diet. You won’t use lose weight if you exercise and eat junk food. It’s isn’t easy to make that change but I dropped all the sweet drinks, replaced them with green tea which I like and the entire diet is based on tasty but vegetarian food for the most part. I also eat eggs and meat from time to time.

I also try to drink more so I feel less hungry. This alongside playing games in VR helped me to lose weight.

It’s important that you pick up a Virtual Reality game that is in a standing position and has lost hand movement. The more intensive it is the better. This is why The Thrill Of The Fight is so good. It forces you to keep your hands up and hit your opponent frequently and hard.

I hope you give some of these games a try. They are really good and provide a good workout. If you know other great VR games for fitness workout and weight loss–let me know. Thank you.

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I don’t like sweating in VR. I actually bought some headcovers just in case some of the games will make me sweat. But honest, the Quest is already not comfortable much, plus sweating, not for me :smirk: I gave the headcovers to a friend who enjoys sweating playing vr games LOL.