Multiplayer VR FPS - Virtual Army (First Teaser Video)

Virtual Army is a fast-based arcade shooter in a modern setting for VR devices exclusively.
Virtual Army is currently in early alpha state and we are getting ready for private and public testing.
Here is the very first teaser for Virtual Army:

More Gameplay videos, Alpha signup and Release Date coming soon on social media:

NB! Alpha sign-up will be available for only 1 week sometime in March 2017.

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I don’t know why, but this game looks like it’s going to be great! signing up!

Hey man,

Thanks, hope we dont disappoint. More info coming soon!

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I think it’s VERY important to note that many people DON’T get motion sick in VR. I don’t. I am a VR developer so I’ve done lots of crazy camera experiments and I do not get motion sick. I can play first-person games with no issues.

I think this may be more common than this article implies. We’ve been screaming for Oculus and Valve to give us some real statistics but so far all we get are claims of “fixing” motion sickness with gimmicks and gadgets.

I also think this will end up like people who got sick in first-person games on monitors. Remember those? I was one of them. Nowadays do you ever hear about them? Well, okay my wife still does. But it’s a rarity nowadays. Very rare.

VR sickness is real and must be compensated for but I hate for everyone to think it’s a permanent issue that effects all players.

It only effects a percentage of players and many report that it fades.

I’d be more excited if there was even the smallest bit of gameplay shown.

I agree. The game is almost ready, doing some bug fixes and several maps. Gameplay will come soon enough. We dont want to show/release half-finished product like many others seem to do in vr, quality is most important right now.

Wow, im hyped. I’m curious on how players move around in the game.

Hey Growl,

Player move same as in Onward, touchpad movement and there is 2 options - head/controller direction. Default is touchpad with controller direction.