MovingPictures VR Video and Image Viewer

VR gives you many ways to experience video and images, so I created a program to let you quickly and easily shift between them. In MovingPictures, you can watch a video from a distance as in a movie theater, then quickly move it close and zoom in on a detail whenever you want. Here’s a look at the video and image viewing modes:

EDIT: The game has now been released on Steam:

Updated videos and screenshots are on the store page.


What makes it unique among other VR viewer apps?

Mainly the ability to easily move the image/video around and zoom in & out on specific areas - all using just one controller. Also, there’s no need to mess around with a bunch of settings - the controls for each mode can be summed up by a single picture showing what the buttons do.

Also, I found out that VR games can be submitted directly to Valve, so the game is now on Steam for $2.99:

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