Mobile AR vs Mobile VR - which technology is better for games?

We all saw how popular and successful an augmented reality mobile game can become, and yes, I am talking about Pokemon GO. This probably raises a question about whether VR games can perform as well as AR mobile games.

The main problem with mobile VR games is that they require a VR headset, which makes the whole experience much less mobile and much less comfortable to the user. I think the Pokemon GO is a great example of a technology, that when used right, can create a superb fun gaming experience.

What do you guys think, does Virtual Reality has a chance against Augmented Reality in mobile gaming?

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First of all, both technologies are quite different from each other, and thus the experience they bring to the table. In virtual reality, your whole world is replaced with a virtual one, whether with augmented reality, digital assets are overlayed on the real world, whether using an AR headset with transparent screen or rendered on top of a screen that projects the real world live video stream using a camera.

Nobody denies that Augmented Reality has many advantages for gaming over VR. For example, in mobile AR games, you don’t need any complementary accessories, not a gamepad, touchpad or a headset. You can play mobile Augmented Reality games outdoors, what at least in this generation, is much less comfortable. All your field of view is obscured due to the screen and if you use headphones, most of your senses are completely isolated. I am talking about mobile VR games obviously, because if you use the Vive or Rift, you have no way to play it outside, at least not room-scale games, and I can’t see anyone using a laptop to play Vive or Rift game outdoors.

This is a big limitation for VR, but it’s also one of its biggest strengths. This technology allows you to get into the game, rather than feeling you are watching a game. You become the character inside the game (if played in the first-person perspective), you interact with objects using your own hands, this is an amazing gaming experience, that you have to try out yourself to really comprehend how immersive and fun it is.

The problem right now is that mobile VR is quite limited because of the proprietary software needed to run some games, and considering that some of the headsets like Google Cardboard, don’t really provide you with the best experience. To get the best VR experience, you need to go with ones that are room-scale capable, and those systems are very expensive for most people, and can only be played at home with enough room space (depends on the title).

So you can see why augmented reality has a better chance to become much more popular than VR on mobile devices, and in fact, it’s already is I think after the release of Pokemon GO. Almost everyone can play this game, you don’t need a headset to play it.

So as for now, AR has the advantage as far as mobile gaming goes, but this doesn’t prevent anyone from enjoying both experiences. It’s great that we have more options. This means more great games to play, whether on AR or VR,m your choice. :smile:


Both technologies will exist side by side like to different platforms. Mobile AR is already more popular than mobile VR and Pokemon GO proved it. It’s not even just Pokemon GO, the headset put limits on what gamers can play the game, only those with a headset.

Regarding better games, I think that Google Daydream will help to bring VR mobile to a larger audience and we definitely going to see more games being developed for that platform.

2017 is going to be the year that both technologies will prosper.

Both of them have their equal importance. When it comes to AR is is already established but VR is not established like AR. Future of VR seems so bright because people can experience unexpected things with its help.

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I completely agree, and we expect to see great games for each one.

I think that the headset itself is some sort of a barrier, you need to wear it on your face, there are health concerns (I don’t thnk putting a screen in front of your face is healthy), it’s not portable and it’s expensive if you want to get the best possible experience. I actually looking forward seeing what Apple will come up with next.

One of the most promising companies is actually Magic Leap, they replicate how light interfaces with your brain and turn your brain into social computing, like using your brain as the headset computing power but you will need to wear some type of glasses. No phone screen size in front of your eyes.

Take a look at this video, this amazing technology will soon be real! I really look forward to seeing what the device looks like and see how their mixed reality technology really feels when playing games. Sounds the holy grail of virtual technologies. Just watch the video and be amazed about this mixed reality technology capabilities.

They do talk about games, so it’s not a technology that will be used for other things than office and productivity applications, including. The company has 600 hundred people and they develop everything, both the software, and hardware. We can expect to see something very soon (“Soon-ish”). There is also a partnership with Locus Film so we can see some really cool stuff coming to this goggles. As for now, things are very secret - great stuff is coming guys, we can expect a small and lightweight device as they guy say in the video. 1 billion dollars invested in the technology, will Apple actually consider buying this company?


The technology knows that you are looking at a sweater of another guy and can pop up an overlay that suggests yo to buy sweaters from amazon - how cool is that, just imagine all the possibilities and now blocking your vision like VR. The future is mixed reality! Google is also invested in this company wow!

Mixed reality ah, that technology sounds very promising and it’s coming pretty soon!