Midjourney Discord Beginners Guide - How to use it & Invite to Your Server

Midjourney is an AI text-to-image app. It’s hosted as a Discord bot which users can interact with.

It was made so users can create beautiful artistic images with a short descriptions and some added properties (e.g. change aspect ratio, render style, etc).

How Use Midjourney?

You need to head to the official Midjourney Discord channel by going to discord.gg/midjourney.

There, go to one of the Newcomer rooms.

In the chat, type this example input:

/imagine cute dog

/imagine is one of the commands that accept a prompt input.

There are three sections to the prompt:

[image url] [text description] [properties]

Image URL and properties are optional, text description is required.

Image URL can be used as a hint for Midjourney on which type of visuals it will use in the final image. It won’t build on top of the original image though.

For example:

/imagine https://picsum.photos/200/300 beautiful flower --iw 3 --ar 10:16

As you can see, I start with the /imagine then use an external image URL link, then the text and the properties.

--iw (image weight) signifies the weight of the image compared to the text. It’s relative. By default, it’s 1 as the text. I set the image weight to 3 in this example. The other property --ar is for changing the aspect ratio, which by default is 1:1, but I set it to 10:16 (vertical image).

More in-depth guide for beginners here. More advanced guide about using external images in Midjourney watch this video.

How to Invite Midjourney Discord Bot to My Server?

To invite Midjourney Discord bot to your server, you need to left click the bot name on the sidebar on the official Midjourney discord server and choose invite. Video that explains how to do it here.

I hope you found this information useful. Enjoy using Midjourney.