Microsoft VR headsets for Windows 10 coming in 2017

I am not surprised to see Microsoft entering the VR market. It already lost in the mobile market, I don’t think that it’s going to give up on the VR market as well. I think that many people thought that Microsoft main focus would be AR, not VR, but now with this announcement, Microsoft going full speed with the announcement of new VR headsets for Windows 10. The entry price is also relatively cheap, starting from $299 and the headsets will include inside-out tracking sensors. Which means you don’t need to mess around with a complex setup to enjoy high-quality VR experience.

Just in comparison, the Oculus Rift requires a setup of several accessories that need to be setup correctly in order to the positioning tracking to function properly. Microsoft VR headset won’t need all that. Even more than that, there will be proprietary accessories that will read hand gestures without the need for a controller - so cool!

This technology is coming in early 2017! what do you guys think?

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How can I missed that announcement, really Microsoft coming to VR? I need to watch the event first than I can share my thoughts, thanks for sharing.