Marketeer Looking For Developers (Partnership)

Hi Guys,

I am a marketeer looking for developers to collaborate with on a VR game.

At the moment I a writing a story and I want to create a game based on my brand. I have been pretty much every waking second in the last six months developing this concept, so I am looking for people who could share my enthusiasm for creating something big.

I am looking for passionate developers who are committed to creating games with incredible quality. I would say my story so far is a mix of GTA, War & Peace, Napoleon (the historical figure), Breaking Bad and Star Wars

If you are interested, please drop me a line! my email address is “

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It might be better if you write what type of developers you need, like Unity, Unreal Engine… what are the minimum requirements for the job. Thanks.

Yes, fair point.

I am looking for people to develop on the unity platform and minimum requirements are 2 years experience developing for VR

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We have a task and a plan for developing and promoting a mobile application. We are looking for a specialist for this work with the experience of international promotion…