Marble Land - Working on our first puzzle game

Hey guys,

Me and 2 other friends have started working on our first VR game, which will be available for both HTC Vive & Oculust Rift.
You will have to complete the puzzles in each level in order to bring your marble to the finish point.
Challenge your brain with some mind bending levels, and come up with your own strategy to complete each room.

We’re trying to keep everything as simple as possible, so you will be able to play the game without a controller.

Let us know what you think of the game concept, and if you’d play this game.
We’re open to any kind of feedback & suggestions :grin:


Looks amazing judging by the trailer. I’ll tell Spooky about it, he loves those type of games and it’s not in the site yet, do you have a link to the official website?

I’m adding it now :slight_smile:

Is the game out yet?