MageWorks an upcoming Spellcasting game for HTC Vive

I can’t have enough of spell casting games, and MageWorks is just another great example of a great spellcasting game for VR. The game is still under development but already showing strong signs of being a great addition to this genre. First of all, I’ve read that it was developed in Unreal Engine 4, which means that everything related to lighting and visual effects will look great, and I was quite impressed with what I’ve seen so far in the gameplay videos.

The other great thing is that everyone with a Vive headset can download a free demo and try it out. From what I’ve read in the announcement section on Steam, the developer is continuously adding more spells to the game, and the moer spells the better. In the trailer below you can see the players experimenting with different spells by holding a book in one hand and his magic wand in the other hand.

The game seems like a more evolved version of Wave Magic VR, at least at this time of development, but Wave Magic VR should have multiplayer mode, and I didn’t see MP mentioned in MageWorks.

Casting spells is really fun with the Vive controllers and in my opinion is not less fun than playing a regular first-person shooter, in fact, you feel more powerful having the ability to cast powerful spells, than just shooting bullet or rockets.

I also liked the stave crafting feature, which you can define the shape of the stave, it looks really impressive when you draw the shape and see it coming to life on the right side, just in front of you.

MageWorks verion 007 was released on June 29, and you can download it by visiting this link:

The game has been Greenlit by the Steam community and you can check out more information, announcement and updated on the official Steam page.

Looking great so far and I’m looking forward playing it when it comes out. No official release date has been announced as of the time of writing. I’ll update you when the developer announced it.


I’ll check it out, but I a prefer a dueling combat than a single-player game like The Unspoken for example, it it is made by Insomniac, so it just can’t get better that if you have the Oculus Rift headset.

Me too, I just can’t believe that this game will have enough content for a campaign to justify playing it over other games of the same type, and The Unspoken is probably the best in this genre at this moment, but maybe it turns out to be really good, we need to wait and see.

You’ve mentioend that the developed the game in Unreal Engine 4. I’ve just came across a video on YouTube that showcases a VR infinite Gesture, a Unity game engine plugin, which can be great for these type of spellcasting games, check out this video.

Love this type of games, I truly enjoy them more than a FPS game, but I do agree with Martinez that PvP is more fun and MageWorks is a single-player game. Maybe the dev gonna add MP in the future.