Looking for VR games you can play while lying down

I work at Boston Children’s Hospital, and we are looking into giving sick kids fun things to do while in bed. Sometimes, the patient cannot even sit up, but still can turn their head and use their hands. We are looking for games you can play while you are on your back.

These have been remarkably hard to find, because most games have some sort of ground plane and often a horizon line. We did see a couple of games where the horizon is hacked to be 90-degrees from real life, so you could be virtually standing while lying down in real life. But that caused motion sickness.

We need games that don’t have an up or down, like flying in outer space or swimming with fish etc. Alternatively, we could work with games where everything interesting is happing directly above you. A tour of the Sistine Chapel would qualify, but not sure it would keep kids’ attention. Any ideas?

We prefer a mobile headset, like the Oculus Go, Vive Focus, etc., but open to PC-tethered options.

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