Looking for playtesters for a VR shooter game for Oculus Quest 2 with addictive tower defense and roguelike gameplay

Check out our early access VR game, Jankerman, available now for Meta Quest 2! If you’re into tower defense, wave shooter, and roguelike genres, you’ll love it.

Watch the trailer here: JANKERMAN TRAILER - YouTube

In the game, set one billion years in the future, you play as a robot-collector traveling through space, collecting old technologies and battling enemy drones. The current alpha version has limited features, but thanks to feedback from Reddit playtesters, we’re working on adding over 100 new weapons, perks, locations, and improving graphics and sound effects.

To play Jankerman, share your Meta Quest account email at:


to receive an invitation to install the pre-release version. Then, access the game on your MetaQuest 2 headset within the “My Preview Apps” section. Happy shooting!

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