List of all free Oculus APP LAB Games on Oculus Quest 2

Today I downloaded and installed all the free apps that are available via App Lab. Keep in mind that some of them were already available via Sideloading through SideQuest. This time, however, you install them via the official Oculus Quest store rather than through 3rd party platforms.

The available free and paid apps via App Lab are as follows:

I made a video that shows all the free games you can get and install to your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 VR headset using the Oculus App Lab feature. Keep in mind that there are also paid apps and these are just a few, more will be added in the future.

Ancient Dungeons VR is a dungeons crawler in virtual reality. It features Minecraft style blocky graphics and reminded me of Minecraft Dungeons but again, in first-person, 3D, and in virtual reality. Pretty cool.

Zoe is one of the more unique experiences. You can position 3d objects in the virtual world and add behaviors, physics, and interactions to them. It is great for teaching programming to kids, learning conditional statements.

Smash Drums is like Beat Saber but with drums.

Puzzling Places is solving 3D structured puzzles in virtual reality. Very easy controls and a much more fun and immersive way to solve puzzles compared to 2D flat puzzles in my opinion.

Gym Class - Wierd name but it’s actually a VR multiplayer basketball game where you can shoot hoops with other random people with party voice chat. You can play it alone if you like.

Descent Alps - Ski simulator. Although it doesn’t have beautiful realistic graphics, it still lots of fun and I didn’t even get motion sickness at all. A fun experience that I will spend more time on in the upcoming days.

That’s it. Try all those on your own Oculus Quest 2 headset and have fun!