Lenovo Phab 2 carrier support, only AT&T and T-Mobile?

A guy posted on lenovo.com about the Phab 2 Pro only supporting AT&T and T-Mobile, do you know if it’s right or not? I really want to get this phone due to its augmented reality feature, playing AR games looks really great. Really appreciate your help. Thanks.

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hi Melchaia, From what I can tell from this post on Lenovo subreddit, it looks like it does support Verizon. There they say that it only has HSM and HSDPA, so 3G won’t work, only 4G LTE. I need to dig this a bit longer, I’'ll update you when I have more information. Stay subscribed to this topic.

It’s the only new gadget I would really like to have, but it’s still hasn’t arrived in my country.