LEIA 3D technology is an Holographic Reality for mobile with no glasses

I just came across LEIA 3D. This is a core screen technology that can project 3D holograms directly on a screen and you can interact with those holograms by touch including mi-air haptic feedback to sense the 3D objects that you interact with.

This is certainly an amazing technology. In my opinion it’s even more exciting than augmented reality, especially for mobile phones. From what I’ve read, the technology uses a Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB) unit that spread the light into different directions, thus creating an illusion of depth and that objects changes depends from which location you view it, like in real life.

Check this video out, it explains all about this new technology:


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Multiview 3D hologrpahic image, ultrasonic haptics (physical touch), hover touch (finger sensing) - I’m sold.

Just imaging playing game with an Hologrpahic display, that would something that we haven’t seen before, and it’s a perfect fit for mobile devices. It actually works the same way any holographic image works, but projecting distinct images at the same time in different direction of space, and if I am not wrong, I think this is how 3D screen work, is it?

With regular screens, the light illumination comes from the front in straight lines, whether with an hologrpahic view, the light is diffracted (side illumination), which means it comes from various angles, and that what gives the sense of three dimensional perspective. Because the light is projected from the side of the panel, some of the light is projected back and lost, but according to this video, most of it is projected out.

Other than this, it’s very complicated for me to understand, but I just hope that this technology will find itself in consumer commercial products and hopefully not in 10 years from now.


Is it the same company who created this mid-air screen?