Learn more about Google Tango - Interview with Justin Quimby

An interesting interview video with Justin Quimby, project manager in Google explaining more about Tango.


Seems like a cheap marketing oriented interview so be honest, but thanks for sharing.

God like games in AR?! why do I care if the level is on may table, I prefer playing it without the game relying on physical objects. Maybe for other games, but this technology has its limitations, although the physical interaction of characters with the physical world opens up a whole new word of creating ideas for games.

Give it time my friend, Daydream will deliver. There are already some great games coming for this platform. It looks really promising, much better than the Cardboard and what other good mobile VR alternative do you have there that can compete against Samsung?

I want that Lenovo Phab 2 Pro phone so badly, but they don’t sell it in my country.

A radio silence from Tango, I wish there were more devices that support this platform.

I’ll buy the phone the moments it lands here.

Guys, you should check out the game PHANTOGEIST for Tango, absolutely amazing!