Labrodex Studios Here! Check Out Our Game Scraper: First Strike

So this didn’t really fit into any of the other categories specifically because it fits into all of them!

I’m posting a level screenshot for the upcoming game Scraper: First Strike. If you like full-featured RPG shooters with engineering, scavenging, dynamic missions all wrapped in a fun shooter, we hope you check out the game when it is released! Look for the computer terminals in the image to get a sense of scale. Scraper: First Strike has full locomotion, large levels to explore and a bunch of other high-end RPG shooter elements!

You can check out the combat trailer here. Scraper: First Strike - In-game Beta Combat Footage | PS VR - YouTube
Scraper: First Strike releases on 11/21/18 on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, Oculus and HTC, and 12/18/18 on PSVR.