Konrad the Kitten - fixing your controllers on a plush toy ;)

Hi all,

I wanted to introduced a crazy new type of VR-Game. The game is called “Konrad the Kitten” and is played without holding any controller. soo… not really… you are holding a controller indirectly because you attach it to one of your plush toys :wink:

Konrad the Kitten is kind of a tamagotchi in VR. But the cool stuff is, that you have the feeling to really hold a cute kitten.

If you are totally confused now, you can have a look at the game at steam:

I am excited to hear your feedback on this.



Love innovative VR games, and Konrad the Kitten is one of the most innovative VR games I’ve seen. Going to try it out tomorrow and give you my feedback.

Hi Konrad, lovely game. Any change for Oculus Support when the Oculus Touch launches? (love cats, have two British cats at home :slight_smile: )

Thank’s for the nice feedback!

I am curious about your feedback :slight_smile:

Oculus Touch support is very likely to happen. :wink:

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Sorry, Currently busy with the No Man’s Sky website, a bit of delay, I’ll update you when I am free to test it out.

An adorable game, love it!

One of my personal most favorite games for the Vive, just love it.

There will be a major content update in october. :wink:

You’ll like how the game will evolve and gets more polish, more content, more depth and more cuteness :slight_smile:

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