Kobold: indie horror movie and vr game

Hey guys, we are a small indie developer from Berlin with a new kind of horror experience
in the making for HTC VIVE.


Both a horror film and VR experience, KOBOLD truly blurs the line between cinema and VR gaming.
After you’ve seen the movie, you can put on your VR headset and become the main character of the story, immerse yourself in true, cinematic realism, explore a fully interactive universe
entirely scanned photo-realistically from real locations, pick up clues, solve a mystery and come face to face with an ancient evil from germanic pagan mythology… you decide the outcome of the story. You decide whether you will live or die…

Here are some of the first reactions. Please let us know what you think and what you’d like to see. We hope to have an early access out on steam this summer!


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The trailer looks amazing, but should I attend a certain play to experience it or is it downloadable from somewhere. From the website I understand that you need to buy a ticket ot the AnotherWorld Virtual Reality, is it right?

It’s not a regular VR experience that you can try at home, at least that what I understand from the website. You need to get to that place to experience it I believe.

Hey guys, thanks for checking it out!

You don’t have to attend a special event or anything. We are working around the clock to get an early access out on Steam this summer and then you can definitely play it at home. That’s why we would greatly appreciate your comments and feedback. Tell us what you’d like to see, what you liked about other VR horror experiences and what you didn’t like. Should we release it for other headsets as well, how much do you think we should price it for? Is there anything in particular that you feel should be added? We are a small indie team of five people and we want to do as much as we can and will try to put as much of your feedback into the early access as we can.

The “get your ticket” thing is just a play on words because our logo is a movie ticket. Sorry if that was confusing.

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I am searching KOBOLD VR on YouTube and getting videos of a robot vacuum cleaner. The trailer looks amazing. I wonder, is the experience uses computer graphics or is it all shot on scene and then you applied overlay interaction options? how does it work exactly, hard to tell from the trailer. Thanks.

Hi SpookyFairy, yes this is something we have learned from the first trailer.
Some people are saying its hard to tell what is film and what is game because of the way the images from
the film and from the game are cut together. We will be releasing a gameplay only
trailer soon.

So here’s how it works: the KOBOLD EXPERIENCE consists of a film that we shot and a VR
experience that we are bringing to early access this summer. When it is released on Steam you will
also get the film as a download link.

The film is set in 1970s East Germany and follows the story of a little boy that lives
in a creepy old house inhabited by a dark entity from another world. You’ll be introduced to
the house, the main characters, the creature and its magical powers and the film will have an
open ending.

The VR experience then starts 40 years after the events in the film, when
you play an investigator that breaks into the same house to find out what happened to the little boy.
You will meet some of the characters from the film, decide the outcome of the story and
the decisions you take and the clues you gather will help you solve the mystery or lead to your death.

The VR experience is a completely interactive environment where you can walk around freely.
We scanned the location from the film using photogrammetry so there are no overlays and no teleporting.
We want you to be completely immersed as if you were really there.

And yes, that vacuum cleaner is driving us crazy. Hopefully, when we get more people watching,
we will overtake it in the youtube search. :slight_smile:

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This is a very smart move brings those two very popular mediums together. Having a movie is a better way to create that strong emotional bonding of the viewer with the characters and events from the movie and that prepares him to the game. When you play the game therefore after, you can be more immersed buy its story, characters and the role you take in the game.

When you say film I guess it’s a short film, not a full length one right? Also scanning the scene is great because the player can relieve the feeling it took from the visual experience. I think when the player sees the same environment, the visual feedback is immediate and it instantly connects the player with memories of events from the movie, especially those who have the strongest emotional impact on him…

Is the movie going to be in VR as well or just a movie you can watch on a regular display? Is the movie necessary to watch before the game or the game is a completely standalone?

Yes, those are the exact reasons why we chose to go that way. :slight_smile:
Yes it’s a short for the moment, designed to get you into the right state of mind to enter the game.
Regarding a feature, let’s see where it goes…
It’s not necessary to watch it before playing the game, but it will give you a lot of context,
backstory and clues that might help you live longer :wink:

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