Just played Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Demo on the PS4

Yesterday I installed Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Demo on the PS4 a today I had some spare time to play. What a wonderful game. I am a big fan of cartoonish RPG games. My favorite games of all time was Wonderboy and this game really remind me that game, with the ability to use potions, upgrade weapons, boss fights, it’s really an amazing game. The demo is very short, but it gives you a quick glimpse of the combat mechanics and you can find out whether you like these type of games or not. I think I’m going to buy it, I really enjoyed the demo. I played with two different characters, each one has its own unique abilities.

A great game, and if you have PS4, I highly recommend installing the free demo.


It’s not a VR game, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Spooky, are you planning to play Overwatch today, if so I’m logging in now, join me.

Hi VREpic,

Yeh, let’s play some Overwatch, my Junkrat is ready!