Joggable games?

I’m exploring the possibility of buying an HMD with CyberShoes or 3Drudder (or even an actual treadmill), and a game or games that support jogging into its world. Do any even exist!?
I typed the search terms exercise and jog into vrgamesfor’s search engine but the results were disappointing.
Here’s hoping…
infinice in Vancouver (tired of jogging in the rain!)

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Sprint Vector, The Path of Greatest Resistance (htc vive trackers track user’s fit), when it comes to hardware Virtuix Omni (probably best treadmill), Cyberith Virtualizer, Katwalk, Infinideck.

If you really want the best experience, you probably better of with dedicated VR treadmills. I tried running with various Quest fitness apps and it was a disaster. Have you already bought a VR headset?