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Hey guys! Out of curiosity, how many between you own a Gear VR?
And out of those, is anyone still using theirs?
Cuz for some reason there has not been ANY mention about it in any forums… so what gives?

I’d love the feedback, it could come in handy for the some research I’m trying to do :smiley: and thanks! :blush:

  • I have a Gear VR but I’m bored of it
  • I have a Gear VR and I still use it … When I’m bored
  • I have a Gear VR and I still use it
  • I don’t even have a Gear VR bcuz it never interested me
  • I don’t have a Gear VR but I want one

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I use my brother’s headset. He bought the S7 in Barcelona and got it for free. I really love it, I think it offers the best mobile VR experience so far.

I wish I could afford buying both a console and one of Samsung’s latest high-end Galaxy devices, but I can’t. I hope that we’ll get to see more cheaper Daydream-ready phones, so I can have better mobile VR experience, but right now, Cardboard is my thing.

I think that the whole high-end mobile VR experience is too expensive. Gear VR is the best option right now to enjoy great mobile VR experience and from what I recall it’s the most popular ones, with over 2.6M users. My room-mate has it, but I use a Cardboard-compatible one, but from time to take it and play with it when he is studying and I am bored and have nothing else to do.

Really want one but you need specific Samsung phones to use it, bummer.

Buy one for yourself oldy… what’s up friend, playing Destiny now, care to join.

Come on guys, vote! …

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I just bought galaxy note 4 3 months ago… cuz I think this phone still worth (have 2k display for vr, 3gb ram, expendable storage n battery, ir blaster, heart rate sensor, n many more) I just love this phone, and a week ago I just bought GearVR innovator editon for my note 4 for 55 bucks, i’m really excited for it… sadly some of new games are not compatible with my phone anymore, I want to playing new game such as suicide squad vr, n many more… I hope the developer still make there game support to my device, and this 6.0.1 marshmallow firmware have a downside for gearvr… some games where are compatible before on 5.1.1 lollipop now became incompatible, I want to downgrade to lollipop again but… I don’t want to step back, cuz I think there are a lot of new thing that will need marshmallow firmware, I don’t know what to do now…I just enjoyed what I have now.

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I am planning to get the Galaxy S7 now that the price went down. If I do, I’ll get the Gear VR as well.