Is this the most ridiculous AR game you've ever seen?

Have you heard about Mekamon? I really don’t understand this thing. Promoting a game with adults playing kids toys with augmented reality. Why bother so much with the physical toys, can’t they just invest the money in a Pokemon Go-like app. They think that people 30+ will buy this stuff and play with their friends?!

Sometimes I don’t understand this industry or at least some of its ideas. It’s a waste of money in my opinion, but kids will probably love it.

What do you think?

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I also don’t get it, why not do anything as an app.Just imagine needing to physically take it to your friends’ house, very uncomfortable compared to just having an app.

I think that some people will actually like the idea of buying a toy at the store, a physical one instead of a digital one. It’s quite expensive to be honest, but they did invest quite a lot in the technology and the ecosystem. It’s a great toy to buy for Christmas for your kids I guess and people just love drones, although this one stays on the ground from what I can tell and because everyone has a phone nowadays, it might be the perfect gift - it is something different and original, you have to agree on that. It’s like having a crazy pet in your house fighting against your friend’s crazy pet ROFL.

I actually think it’s an amazing idea. I really like the fast movement and I think it’s the first robot that you are going to buy today that is built to be aggressive (towards other robots; I hope it obeys The Three Laws of Robotics ). I’m not sure that we are going to see a group of 30 plus playing it as a group. The product is shipping in January 2017 from what I’ve read on the website, so it isn’t aimed for this Christmas. By the way, Mekamon sounds closed to Pokemon…mmm…

Anyways, the Mekamon is customizable, it works with Android and iOS, more than two players can fight against each other at the same time and there are various game modes available for it. I haven’t made up my mind about Mekamon yet.

I’ve just read that only 500 bots will ship in January and the general availability is planned for June 2017. Oh, and there is a progression system, your bot can level up and you can obtain a lot of new abilities and virtual upgrade items, so it’s pretty cool to be honest. I do agree that they could have done it without the physical toy and it could have been even more popular, because how many people can afford buying this toy. If you release this as an app for free, millions of people will use it and I think it can be even more profitable for the company (Reach Robotics).

I also don’t understand why make the game so inaccessible. Maybe they have a lot of experience as robotic engineers and they wanted to use this talent to come up with something new. It doesn’t necessarily means that this is what the market needs right now but the definitely win the COOL PRODUCT award as far as I concern, it’s really a different toy, I love the co-op gameplay. I am interested to see how popular an augmented reality game that relies on a physical product can become.

The physical product just limit the capabilities of the experience as a whole compared to an entirely digital AR app where you can do whatever you want, because it’s digital and not relies on any external objects to comply with - and it’s very expensive, who is going to buy a $320 toy and they expect us to play it with friends?!?!

What’s wrong with you guys, this is an amazing toy. Finally somebody comes with an original idea. I think that many AR games in the future will have physical objects. It works for Nintendo, I don’t see why it won’t work for them. Many kids love this stuff.

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