Is the Pimax 4K VR headset any good?

I wanted to know if anyone here had a chance to try out the Pimax 4K VR headset. Some people on Reddit say it’s not that good, it suffers from ghosting and the quality of the screen is low. Any opinion regarding this headset? Thank you.

Hi @BlackKnightGeorge,

According to VR Kommando YouTube user, the screen does indeed suffer from ghosting, it produces an image with is less vivid compared to an OLED display (probably an IPS panel), there are no physical IPD or focus adjustments (only in software) which leads to some people to see a blurry image. The content store hosts games and videos on Chinese servers, so they are very slow to download (if you download them directly from the built-in store). There is no positional tracking, as expected.

The sound quality is very good and there is very minimal screen door effects. As you can see, at the end of the video he says that it’s a deception and it’s not really 4K and the quality of the screen is very low. The good thing about this headset is that it has full Steam VR compatability.

3D-VR-360 videos YouTube user actually complimented the manufacturer ("… great job") regarding the screen quality. At the end he talks about a promotion code, so it lowers the reliability of the assessment quite a bit, although he added a comparison screenshot where you can clearly see that the 4K image taken within the headset looks much sharper.

Now to the textural reviews. One review that I found really imformative is the one done by The reviewers gave it a bronze rating, mentioned that it’s a good headset but has mediocre software and limited functionality. He didn’t mention anything bad regarding the screen quality. It’s a trustworthy website, so I assume if there was an issue, it would have been reported.

Another review was done by, a German website. The author mentioned that the lack of positional tracking really limits its capabilities, and this is obviously the case if you intend to play Vive games that requires tracking. The reviewers said that the screen resolution is excellent and he didn’t experience any screen door efect, but at the same breath he mentioned that the pictures sometimes isn’t that clear, but it is impressive compared to lower-resolution displays.

Everyone complimented the comfort by the way. So do you math whether it’s worth the price. I personally don’t think so, buy it is cheaper and for some people it is a good alternative to the more expensive HTC Vive.