Is The Golf Club VR coming to PSVR?

I just saw that you guys added The Golf Club VR to the HTC Vive category, I wanted to know if you know if this game is also coming to PlayStation VR or is it HTC Vive exclusive? I love golf games and this game looks really impressive in VR.

Hi Nadia, I googled it, no mention of any support for the PSVR. There is one video with the game title and VR but it’s a mistake, there is no official word from the developer having PSVR support. Hope this helps.

Not as I know of. I also wished it would come to PSVR.

Seems only confirmed for PSVR indeed, at least as far as we know and have registered.

Any news about when this game coming for PSVR?

Not yet, but you can follow this topic on reddit, they have a discussion on that.

I’m also interested to know, nothing on Reddit nor on the official verticals.