Is Teslasuit full-body haptic suit still in development?

Teslasuit is a complete virtual reality suit that suppose to take the tactile experience to a whole new levels. In other words, it provides you with full-body haptic feedback. Using this suite you can feel the wind speed, feel heat and other range of tactile sensations varying by degree of duration and impulse.

I wanted to know if this suit is still under development, because they company wasn’t able to reach the £250,000 goal and the funding was cancelled on February 3rd.


Their website is still active and it says “Developer Edition Shipping Fall 2016”.

So whatever this means, I think the project wasn’t abandoned.

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Hey all,

Teslasuit project wasn’t abandoned and now Teslasuit DK2 is under development.

We are going to do some interesting announcements next month, so stay tuned. First of all news will appear on our Facebook page.

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Thanks I wondered about it,

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