Is PSVR worth getting?!

Hey guys.

I have recently got the PSVR and absolutely love it. So much so in fact that I have set up a YouTube Channel dedicated to it and its games.

Please feel free to subscribe if you enjoy my videos and wish to see more.

VR Boy

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So happy to hear about new VR YouTubers, will subscribe now.

Hey @VR_Boy tell me, do you see pixels when playing. I really wanted to know this. Thanks.

Do you plan to stream?

I wish there were more PSVR game streams on Twitch :frowning:

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I wish they stream in VR so we can view the game as they see it.

thank you so much SpookyFairy. Thats really much appreciated and i hope you enjoy future videos :smiley:
VR Boy

Hey Vim Vim.
Im literally in the process of getting started on Twitch so hopefully I can make up for that :smiley:
VR Boy

Hey vimvim.

The video quality isnt perfect but its incredibly good and I dnt get any motion sickness which I was surprised about.

VR Boy

That great! Thanks for sharing!