Is PlayStation VR Worlds available only with the PSVR Bundle?

Hi, I wanted to know if PlayStation VR Worlds comes only if you buy the PSVR Bundle, or is it available with the regular PS VR headset? If it’s available only in the PSVR Bundle, can I buy it separately from the PlayStation Store then?

If I am not mistaken, the PlayStation VR Worlds is only available if you purchase the PS VR bundle. I’ve checked and the core package page doesn’t mention it at all. You do get a demo disc that contains some playable demos of full retail games, something that you can do on day one without buying any game.

Update: I dug a little bit on Reddit and found a link to an image that confirmed my what I thought: The core bundle comes with PS VR headset, cables, stereo headphones and PlayStation VR Demo Disc. The PS VR bundle, however, adds a PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds (disc).

take a look.

So I think that I can confidently say that if you buy the PS VR core bundle, you won’t get the PlayStation VR Worlds. By the way, the PlayStation VR Worlds contains a collection fo 6 full games. They are pretty short, but they are not demo games.

The PlayStation VR demo disc comes with a few game demos from the PSVR launch lineup from what I’ve read so far. I couldn’t find any website that mentioned which demos are on the disc. I’ll try to search and if I find something I’ll come back and share this information with you.

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