Is No Man's Sky worth 60 bucks?

I’m not sure that No Man’s Sky is worth $60. Living all the procedurally generated hype aside, from what I’ ve seen, the game is really simple. There is exploration, trading ,fighting and crafting, but nothing really in-depth. In fact, I don’t call billions of planets content, and I think that it also lacks in terms of gameplay and it might get bored really fast after a few hours. I see it as a risk to pay $60 for it, and to be honest, I think it’s better just to wait for the reviews to come before paying 60 bucks on this game, a price of a triple-A title.

I think many people think that game isn’t worth 60 bucks because it is made by an indie developer. If a triple-A company has developed it, I think that nobody would have complained. That being said, there are a few indie games that I played that cost $10 but provided me with $300 value. I still play some of them today, after buying them a few years ago. If I knew that I would enjoy a certain game so much, I wouldn’t have mind paying even $100 for it.

There are also many triple-A games that are relatively very short, and although a lot of time has put into making them, I think that we are just paying for the 3D artists instead of an enjoyable gameplay experience. The game has to cover its expenses and be profitable to the company. Some people assume that because there are less than 20 people in Hello Games, that the game shouldn’t be that expensive because the development expenses are not high. I don’t get into this too much, to be honest. I just want No Man’s Sky to provide me with great gameplay and be interesting enough to make me enjoy it more than just two weeks. There are great expectations from these type of games. Just look at MinCraft and what it did to the gaming industry. People are years into this game and don’t intend to stop playing it.

The main difference between MineCraft and No Man’s Sky that Minecraft has a very in-depth crafting system, while it seems that No Man’s Sky’s crafting system is much less robust. Everything about the game look very simplistic and lack of depth, and I think that this is what made people think that there is just not enough to it to keep players playing the game for a long period of time, and by saying a “long period of time”, I mean playing it the same as people play Minecraft.

Some people think that the game will deliver more than what Sean Murray showed in the gameplay videos in IGN, but I think there isn’t anything much more to the gameplay. If you don’t like it as is, it’s probably isn’t for you. I’m sure that if the game had something really unique, we would have seen it by now. There is no reason for Hello Games to hold things back a month before the game is released, on the contrary, it can just help them sell more. In fact, some people think that because Hello Games playing it a bit mysterious, this means that this is just a marketing trick for tricking people to buy the game. They keep the mystery, people have high hopes, they buy the game, the disappoint, but that never mind because they still get the money.

To keep things more simple. I recommend that you wait for early reviews and then decide, and trust me on this, they’ll come sooner than you think. A review of No Man’s Sky means big exposure for them, and they will publish it as soon as they possibly can.

To tell you the truth, I am really impressed from what I’ve seen so far. And I’m really into playing a relaxing game, I had enough of Overwatch. I want a single-player game, and No Man’s Sky perfectly fits this time of my life. If it’s worth $60, only time will tell, but I don’t see any other game that I want to invest in other than this game. I do play many other games, but only a bit, nothing intensive if you know what I mean.

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Many AAA titles on the PS4 don’t worth $60 in my opinion, at least I wouldn’t pay $60 for some triple A titles.The problem is that there are so many indie games priced below $20, so it seems odd for people that NMS costs almost $60 - what make them different than all the other? Maybe if Sony wasn’t behind it, it would have cost less, and there wasn’t so much hype about it (it’s all marketing after all). If the game is really fun and isn’t boring after a few hours and will make people spend hours playing it each day, I think it will be well worth it. I just can’t see that happen, everything look to simplistic.

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Don’t forget that many indie games are available in Early Access, and that’s isn’t the case of No Man’s Sky.

That the thing,unlike many other games that have Early Access or alpha and beta invitations, this game has none. They built on the hype and don’t dare to release it earlier for people to play it themselves. It’s like cheating people and I also think that if people try the game prior to release, many wouldn’t have bought it.


I am actually hypnotized by how amazing each one of the planets looks. I forget about the technology, I just want to enjoy being able to explore new places and feel part of that universe. No running, jumping and shooting, to tons of windows on the screen, just a pure survival/exploration game with almost no boundaries - yeah, it’s worth $60 for those who love those type of games.

By the way, the UI looks like it was copied from Destiny, really similar.

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The problem is that you don’t really know if you are going to enjoy it or not before buying it. Unless it has a close or open beta or a demo which allows you to taste how the game is like or play in other friend’s account. I’ve played many beta in the past, some convinced me to buy the game, other don’t.

Why they had to price it $60 and let’s say not $50. It seems the most triple-A titles are by default $60 and the gaming community except it (I’m talking about PS4 games). There must be numbers in between :slight_smile: , it doesn’t have to be $60 and I’m sure no company is going to tell us how they priced their game, nor I expect for Hello Games or Sony (I don’t know who makes these decisions) to explain why No Man’s Sky costs $60. Many people say it should cost $30, but again, why $30… all this pricing scheme is really confusing.

If you are still not convinced, watch some No Man’s Sky youtube gameplay videos.

OMG guys, a new EXPLORE trailer was just released, check it out!!


New trailer looks cool

Please try to make me understand why so many people are hyped for this game, now for real. OK, you visit a planet, nice view, and stuff, some animals hanging around. nice… you move on. You shoot some stuff to get materials, you craft new items. You take your ship and move to the next planet, say hello to an NPC, trade and get money…cool. OK, you did it 10 times, new ship, upgrade a gun, OK… you feel great that you progressed, now what’s next? Do the same for the next 100 planets. What the thing that will get you motivated to do this, just post your achievements on reddit and gain your bragging rights, maybe open a Streaming account and make some bucks of all the hype - please, enlighten me. If No Man’s Sky had 400 non-procedurally generated planets, would it matter? would you still buy the game?

$60 bucks for what exactly, a (procedurally generated) cat in a (procedurally generated) sack?

Let me tell you this, real space exploration is much more expensive. Don’t get spoiled on me, Hello Games selling you space exploration for $60, not millions and you complain?