Is it worth investing in PlayStation Move Controller for PSVR?

I have a PS4 console and I plan to buy the PSVR headset. I know that some games will support Sony Move controllers, but do you know if I will still be able to play these games with the DualShock 4 controller, or the Move controller will be required to play those titles?

Hi KristiansentGG,

Regarding your question. There will be some games that will require Sony Motion controller. Some games will also require two Move Motion Controllers, one for each hand. I’m sure that this will be perfect for many VR games that are designed to mimic your hand’s movement in the virtual world, and therefore can produce a more immersive VR experience and a better sense of presence. I think you should first check out which games are out there that require Move Controller Support, which one you like and then think whether to invest in complimentary accessories. Just my two cents. :ghost:

Depends on the games you like to play. I think that it will be worth it, like Spooky say, it’s more immersive when your hand movement replicated your virtual ones.