Is it healthy to use VR headsets?

I was wondering if it’s healthy to use VR headsets for a long period of time, because your eyes are very close to a screen. I know that I can’t look at a screen from a few inches a way for a long time, is it different with VR headsets?

Quite a wide topic, but I think it’s highly recommended and even necessary to read the Health and Safety guide for each headset first. But you can start by reading this article and this one, and there are plenty more on the web. They are talking about the side effects of sustained use and other hazards - worth reading.

I think that even scientist aren’t sure yet:

My only concern is the the brightness, and I don’t intend to play more than 1-2 hours a day.

When I was a kid my mother told me to stay 2 meters away from the television set . But now I paste that VR device in front of eyes, who will think this is healthy ?

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Me two, still not sure whether I should spend a whole day playing with it.

I guess only time will tell.