InVokeR FIRST LOOK Gameplay With Dev

My buddy Casey and I play InVokeR on our live stream this week, check it out!


Game looks cool. Is seems like a bit slow, how can you apply tactics in this game, is it just dodging projectiles?

The developer mentioned that he didn’t know that The Unspoken exists only month an a half into development… oh well, maybe it’s for the better, because he might wouldn’t develop this game, and I personally in favor of seeing more of this type of spell-casting games. @Lili92 I also would have liked to see more free movement option in these type of game or having the option toe teleport in use the environment in your favor than being more stationary. There is a spell-casting game that employ teleportation, but I can’t remember its name now. I highly recommend checking InVokeR out when it comes out. I learned from experience that you have to try it yourself to see if it fits your gameplay style. I’ve given up on some games, only to find out that there are really fun to play when I played them at my friend’s house. I also have to say that I really love the visuals and the effects, it looks awesome. @Daniel_Bernard thanks for sharing this lengthy gameplay video.

Hi @Daniel_Bernard Does the game supports online matchmaking?