Income with your VR game

Hi everyone!

First off, I would like to say I really enjoy the community on here. Definitely one of my top 5 forums on VR.
At FloVR, we are launching an advertising engine, aimed specifically at Virtual Reality. Any developer trying to make some extra income with their game should consider this as an option. It is super easy to get set up and we offer interactive ads as well as 360 degree video ads. We have one of the highests costs per impression and are splitting our profits 50/50 with you developers.

Our service is going online on the 20th and we’re trying to get as many developers as possible onboard, so feel free to send me a message here so we can help you set up:



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Hi Alen, can you please tell me how is it different than what’s currently out there like Adense, MoPub, Smaato, etc?

Hi @BlackKnightGeorge!

We’re focusing primarily on the VR space and aim to deliver 360 degree ads,as well as interaction based ads. Adsense, MoPub and Smaato currently don’t support virtual reality ads.

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