Inbound - a new missile defense classic arcade game

We’ve just added the game Inbound to our VR Game list. Inbound is a modern take on the classic missile defense arcade games of the 80’s. The game was developed as a standing 2-hand room-scale experience for the HTC Vive with its tracked motion controllers.

You are a commander of a defense unit that guards four asteroid colonies, with a mission to protect these mines from competitors trying to invade these colonies.

As you can see from the mixed-reality trailer, players will be standing near the colony and use the controllers to aim and shoot both ground and air units trying to invade the colony. There are four different colonies, each one looks different then the other: Junction Rock mining colony, Suitor’s Landing Mine Colony, Driftstone mining colony and Devil’s Spit mining colony.

Inbound features gorgeous space visuals, loaded with vivid special effects that makes the battles look really dazzling from the player’s perspective. You also have three different power-ups and an ability to slow-down time that will aid you in defeating the intruders.

The release date is set for June 30, 2016, however there isn’t any link to download the game and it shows “Coming soon” on the Steam page. It’s kind of weird, because I visited the official website at where it says “Buy Now” and “Now available on Steam”. I visited their Facebook page, and it seems that there are waiting on the final approval of the game from Valve before it is officially published (from a post on July 1, 2016 on gyozagames on Facebook).

I think it certainly worth checking out, looks like a great room-scale VR game. I love games that take a modern-spin on classic games from the past. The game is also planned for release for Oculus Rift and PSVR, and it also works on regular 2D screens.

What’s your opinion about the game?

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Looks like a cool game but there is still not a linke to buy/download the game. It might be available in the upcoming days.

Looks like a great room scale game for the Vive. I told my brother to get it once it goes live on Steam. I really love how they make that mixed-reality trailer, this what convinced me to get the game to completely honest, the gameplay looks super fun, can’t wait to play it.

So many VR games are coming, and I can recall quite a few people who thought that we won’t have a good selection of games for VR headsets - they were obviously wrong.