Imagine a Minecraft turn-based RPG VR game

Today I played a VR game called Igu: VR Dungeons Crawler. I downloaded it to my Oculus Quest 2 via the SideQuest app for Windows.

It’s a Dungeons Crawler turn-based virtual reality game. It carries the look of a Minecraft game with blocky low-poly graphics and gameplay that reminds me of Minecraft.

Here, take a look.

It made me wonder how amazing it would be if there was a Minecraft game that is played with turn-based mechanics, rather than real-time, or at least with turn-based combat like the VR game Igu that I shared above in the video.

So imagine a Minecraft turn-based RPG game, doesn’t have to be in Virtual Reality (VR), a regular PC game. This can be amazing, especially with PvP multiplayer where you can join a party and engage other players as well or in an open-world Minecraft turn-based game.

I wish something like that exists but and maybe we’ll see a Minecraft turn-based RPG game in the future, we need to wait and see.

Would you play a Minecraft turn-based RPG VR game or a Minecraft-like turn-based VR game like that one I shared here?