"I feel a bit sick" - guy tries PSVR for the first time

LOL, this is the firs time this guy play VR and Battlezone is his first game. Just watch second 0:26 (“… I feel a bit sick”). Motion sickness is a really issue with VR games. If you want to play fast-paced games, you should seriously take this into account. People really need to try it themselves and see if their cup of tea. I’m not saying that the whole experience he felt like that, as you can see he really enjoyed it, but it certainly raises the question which games should you play on the PSVR. Even if you like a certain type of game, it might not feet to you in terms of comfortability.



ROFL, he probably needs some motion sickness medications :slight_smile: .

It’s actually one of the better designed games for VR. Maybe just this part was a bit uncomfortable and because it’s really the first time he put a VR headset on his head.

I read on reddit that some complain about heavy discomfort playing Battlezone and Drive Club VR. I think that the best thing developers can offer is to release demo version so people can try out the game. Even just a small chunk to get the feel whether the game causes them any discomfort. I would be really upset if I pay a premium price for a game only to find out that I can’t play it because it makes me feel sick.

This is nothing new. Some games, especially those fast-paced ones where your avatar isn’t stationary can cause motion sickness to some. Some are more prone to this than others, but it doesn’t mean that the whole game is like this, there might be a few moments that you get that motion sickness feeling, but the rest of the game it’s just fine.

Even fast games can be comfortable, depends on how motion is being implemented. I’ve played fast-paced games that were very comfortable but some were very uncomfortable.

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I laughed when I first saw that video, but it should raise a red sign for developers. I think that there are many developers who just want to release a VR game an dcare nothing about comfort.

that video made me developed my new website:


I’ll continue to develop it and add more features and design it better, but feel free to submit your own rating for the games that you’ve played. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

He just say that he fell a bit sick, but it doesn’t make the whole game a band game, just maybe a few parts cause some motion sickness for some people, but I’ve read that many reviews found it to be one of the most comfortable games for a cockpit locomotion VR game.

Of course it doesn’t, but people who see this might think that something is wrong with the game. This motion sickness issue is a real problem that needs to be tackled. I think that in time, we’ll see new technologies that reduce the occurrence of motion sickness, both software and hardware.

LOL, it’s not the first time I hear the same thing when watching streams. For some it’s part of the experience unfortunately. If you feel motion sickness, it’s recommended to stop playing and wait few hours, only if it’s severe, if it’s just one time during the game this isn’t a big issue.

That was my initial concern with VR, and I think it’s good to do a bit of research to see if a specific title causes many people motion sickness, before you decide to buy a specific title.

This guy should take a break, lol, not continue playing. At least that what I’ve read about motion sickness in games. It get worse if you don’t stop.