HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift - Which one is better in your opinion?

Which one is better, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift? I am planning to buy one of these headsets pretty soon but I still haven’t made up my mind. Many people say to go with the Vive because it has more games on Steam and because I can enjoy full room-scale experience, whether with the Rift, I have to wait until the end of the year. I can afford both, but even after reading tons of reviews and user comments, is still very hard for me to make up my mind, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Depends on who you ask. Many of my friends have bought the HTC Vive because they knew that the are getting a full VR experience from the get go by having the motion controllers available for them when they buy the headset. It also depends on what is your time frame, and how eager you are to start playing VR games. You could obviously wait for the Oculus Touch controllers and see what the reviews have to say.

If you ask people, you only get their opinion about both headsets at this given point in time, and therefore their opinion won’t reflect what Oculus could be when the Touch controllers are released, and when many of the games that have developed to support both platforms get an update to support the Rift as well.

So as for this moment, I think that the HTC Vive is a better pick among the two. The Oculus have many things going for it as well, including better design, smaller size, what seems to be excellent ergonomically designed controllers with thumbsticks and some very good exclusives (many of them are timed exclusives, so they will be available for the Vive in the future).

I think that both headsets capabilities are about the same, and many reviews mentioned that in their reviews. Even some developers who developed for both headsets say that they don’t see any substantial advantage and any big reason to choose on headset over the other. The Vive “chaperon” system is a great feature, which allows users to safely avoid obstacles in the real world while playing with the headset. When it comes to price, it’s also more or less the same if you consider the Touch controllers for the Oculus. If I remember right, people estimate that it would cost around $200. But to be honest, I hope it will cost less because if something happens to the controller, I wouldn’t want to but a set of controllers for $200, that’s very expensive, but the same goes to the Vive. I searched and I couldn’t find the Vive controllers sold separately. There is a post on Reddit from a person who asked HTC about replacement Vive controllers, and he posted an answer telling him that at this moment, HTC does not provide the controllers as a device alone, and if something is broke, you need to send it to HTC and they will manage the standard repair process. If it is within the warranty, they will offer you a quotation.

I personally really like the size of the Oculus Rift headset and the controllers also seem more comfortable. Everything about the Vive is big, the headset and the controllers. That being said, I don’t see many people complaining about it, just praising the whole experience.

Again, it’s too early to judge, but at this point in time, I would get the HTC Vive. Other forum members might disagree and add their opinion.

I also want to add this great video made by LinusTechTips. It talks about the Oculus Rift cons and pros, worth watching (if you don’t want to spent time watching it: He preferred the Vive over The Rift).


Oculus Rift: What I love about the Oculus Rift is the built-in headphones, which are amazing and they are attached to the headset itself. For me it means less issues when tilting my head and you can always replace them and use other 3.5mm headsets.

HTC Vive: ViveThe Vive has better positional tracking, 9:5 screen which means larger field of view compared to the Oculus Rift’s 16:9. Because the headset comes with motion controllers, you going to see a significant number of games that utilize these controllers, compared to the Rift where most developers target the Xbox gamepad controller.

The HTC Vive does seem to be favorable among the two from what I hear so far. Anything else that we might have missed?

I have Oculus Rift and haven’t yet any problem with it. It is very easy in using.

Can you share your experience with it since you bought it and not having a motion controller at this point, is it an issue for you? Why you preferred the Rift over the Vive?

Oculus because: comfort, perceived resolution, better game’s catalog, better cockpit based and third-person games.