HTC Vive much more popular than Oculus Rift

I just read a very interesting in-depth article on vrfocus. It compares the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift games based on data provided by SteamSpy and it seems that HTC Vive is much more popular than the Oculus Rift at the moment.

Very interesting article indeed. We can clearly see that there are much more titles for the HTC Vive (49%) than the Oculus Rift (14%) whether 37% are compatible with both headsets. That being said, you need to keep in mind, and it’s mentioned in the article, that it doesn’t include games in the Oculus Store, so it doesn’t mean that there are less games for the Vive than the Rift.

There is also an interesting metric that shows that 26.3% of the games are in Early Access, which really gives us a picture how the gaming industry work. Developers prefer to get their games as soon as possible, not just to get feedback, but also to get funds to support the project while developing it. Some projects can take quite a lot of time, so by releasing a paid version Early Access demo, you can support your project. No every develop go to KickStarter because many of the projects aren’t in the scale to convince bakers to support them and some developers have a very small team, sometimes just a single or two developers are involved, and they prefer putting their efforts in developing the game than putting effort in marketing the project and building a business plan - which is a work by itself.

It was also interesting to see the pricing for the games. You can see the most games are around the sub $20 and very little above $25. Most of the VR games on Steam are from Indie developers. The prices are still relatively high if you compare it to triple-A game prices (>$50). Gamers do pay a premium price for these games, but it also help support the developers and help push the VR industry forward. People need to keep in mind that the VR gaming market for the vive and Rift is still relatively small, and this limit the total amount that the developers can earn, and that’s why the relatively high pricing for these titles. When the market expands, the prices will be more affordable.

To be honest, when I play PC games, I prefer buying games from Steam, rather than be involved in another online store, and that’s why I think that the Oculus Store isn’t a great idea, and I think that many people will agree with me on that. Obviously Oculus wanted to separate itself from its competitor and have its own store.

You can also see that the most popular games are for the Vive, including Hove Junkers, Final Approach, Space Pirate Trainer VR, Audioshiled, theBlue and Tilt Brush at the top spots. Tilt Brush is the most pouplar app with (55.7K owners).

Indeed an interesting read, thanks for sharing.